Council of Europe

On 9th November 1995 Republic of Macedonia became a member of the Council of Europe. Republic of Macedonia is actively cooperating with all bodies of the Council of Europe (Committee for Prevention of Torture, Venice Commission, ECRI, Commissioner for human rights, etc.) and is intensively fulfilling its obligations arising from the membership in the Council of Europe and the conventions. Within the 18 years of active cooperation between Republic of Macedonia and the Council of Europe, the representatives of the governmental institutions have active and regular part in the work of the Managing, Ad-hoc commissions and Committees of experts to the Council of Europe. Their meetings are in the function of implementation of the inter-governmental programme of activities and harmonization of the European policies in all areas, except defence.

In the period May – November 2010 Republic of Macedonia presided, for the first time, with the Committee of Ministers of the Council of Europe. Within the six-month chairmanship, Republic of Macedonia gave its maximum contribution in line of promotion of the values and standards of the Organization, as well as to improve the country’s political relevance on the international stage. The priorities of the Macedonian chairmanship with the Organization were aimed at: enhancement of the protection of human rights, reinforcement of the integration with respect for the diversity and promotion of the cooperation among the youth.