North Macedonia in the World

Today in Mostar, Deputy Minister for Foreign Affairs of the Republic of Macedonia, Dragana Kiprijanovska participated at the meeting of the Partnership Commission of the Member States of the Partnership Charter among Macedonia, Albania, Croatia, Montenegro, Bosnia and Herzegovina and the United States, under the Bosnian presidency of the Charter.


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The ministers of foreign affairs of the A5 countries exchanged views on aspects of the current and future political and security cooperation in the framework of the Charter, with a special emphasis on the activities of these countries before the NATO Summit in Warsaw.

The meeting discussed the possibilities for further joint activities in the region in several areas, such as participation in strengthening security and promoting the process of democratization in Afghanistan, initiating joint projects for effective crisis management, civil support to the stabilization and reconstruction missions, etc.

At the meeting the participants also discussed illegal migration and security challenges arising from them. It was pointed out that there is a necessity of exchange of information, logistical support to migrants, joint management of migration flows and border management. The participants exchanged their views and thoughts on issues related to terrorism and the phenomenon of foreign fighters on the battlefields in Iraq and Syria.

At the meeting, DMFA Kiprijanovska emphasized the significance of the Charter in order to strengthen and promote cooperation, peace and security in the region and reaffirmed the determination and commitment of the Republic of Macedonia to further deepen cooperation in the framework of the Charter, with the purpose of full integration of the region into NATO.

A joint communiqué was adopted at the meeting, in which the Member States praised the commitment of Macedonia to the successful implementation of the conducted reforms and for achieving Euro-Atlantic standards, which confirms that Macedonia's membership in NATO is deserved.

Also, the Member States welcomed the invitation to membership of Montenegro in NATO.

On the sidelines of the meeting, DMFA Kiprijanovska had working meetings with her counterparts from Croatia and Albania.

During 2016, the Presidency of the Charter will be held by the Republic of Croatia.