North Macedonia in the World

On 19 February 2016 an informative economic workshop dedicated to the Republic of Macedonia was held in Paris at Business France – the agency for the promotion of French businesses within the country and abroad.



The event was opened by the Minister for attracting foreign investments, Goran Mickovski, French Ambassador in Skopje, Laurence Auer and head of mission at the Embassy of Macedonia in Paris, Gabriel Atanasov.

This event represented an exceptional opportunity to promote the economic diplomacy of the two countries. It informed of Macedonia’s main economic sectors, market movement and ways of accessing the market, i.e., the overall favourable business climate for attracting foreign investments. Potential French exporters, investors and businessmen had the occasion to familiarize themselves with the Macedonian market found less than three hours from Paris. Macedonia was portrayed as an open economy, as a country directed towards the EU and its neighbours with a careful budget policy and financial stability.

Special meetings were held between interested representatives of French companies with our government representatives in order to attract the foreign investments present in Paris.


It was ascertained that despite the fact that trade between the two countries is on the rise there is still room left unused and there is need for an even deeper economic cooperation. Potential French investors were given the opportunity to hear the positive experiences and were invited to the Republic of Macedonia to join the already established French investments such as: Societe Generale, EGIS, Fresine, Suez, Systra, Lactalis, Publicis, Accor, Paris Airports and others.

The event was attended by approximately 60 participants, mostly French entrepreneurs.