North Macedonia in the World

On 7 March 2016, an exhibition of photographs by the Manaki brothers, dating from the period before and during the First World War, was opened at the Caen Memorial and includes over 101 photographs. The opening ceremony included addresses delivered by the Director of the Macedonian Centre for Photography, Robert Jankuloski, the Mayor of Caen, Joël Bruneau, French Ambassador to Macedonia, Laurence Auer and the Charge d'Affaires at the Macedonian Embassy in Paris, Gabriel Atanasov in the presence of the Director of the National Archives in Bitola, Aco Kimovski and the Director of the Caen Memorial, Stéphane Grimaldi.

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This exhibition of photographs by the Manaki brothers at the Caen Memorial is currently the largest exhibition of their work and will last for the next six months. The exhibit was organised by the Macedonian Centre for Photography in cooperation with the Museum in Caen, the French Institute in Skopje, the National Archives in Bitola and other stakeholders and funds based on our cooperation with the region of Normandy.

This event is yet another proof that the current cooperation between Normandy and Macedonia should continue and hopefully deepen in the future. In Caen, the photographs by the Manaki brothers, presented before French citizens and foreign visitors are dedicated to the collective memory from the age of the Great War and the eastern front.

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The Caen Memorial, in Normandy, represents an important national landmark for the French and is also one of the most important and most visited war memorials in France.

Музејот во Каен, Нормандија, претставува важен национален белег за французите и воедно еден од најважните и најпосетувани воени меморијали во Франција.