North Macedonia in the World

On 11 March 2016, the Thessaloniki public had an opportunity to get acquainted with modern Macedonian culture through the poetry evening event dedicated to academic Vlada Urosevic and the performance by “Ljubojna” at “Balkan Fest” where the Republic of Macedonia was proclaimed the honorary country of the festival.


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The work of academic Urosevic was presented at the French Institute as part of the celebration of the Month of La Francophonie, where parts of the collection of poems “Another city” were read in Macedonian, French and Greek language. Previously, Professor Vladimir Martinovski from the Department of General and Comparative Literature at UKIM Skopje noted his rich body of work, while Janis Janopulos, one of the most famous Greek authors and publishers moderated the event.

The literary evening was opened by Consul General Maja Apostolova Balaburski who speaking of Francophone destinations mentioned the exceptional “French Collection” at the Museum of Modern Arts in Skopje and noted the relation between art and the French language. The presentation of our culture continued at the Festival of Balkan Music, with a two hour concert by Ljubojna - Brass Fantasy which was very well received by the numerous visitors.

ljubojna 2016