North Macedonia in the World

Every year, on 20 March, Francophones from all over the world celebrate the International Day of La Francophonie. The message sent by Secretary General of the International Organisation of la Francophonie (OIF), Michaëlle Jean, on this occasion, which is supported by the Republic of Macedonia is the following: The strong link we express this year brings a symbolic dimension and a specific emergency. For several months now, a number of countries in the Francophone fraternity, and many others, have been personally affected by cowardly and cruel attacks perpetrated in the name of an ideology of hatred. Let us seize the opportunity of this Day of La Francophonieand give meaning to the French language, making it a language of resistance by giving power to the words that unite us.

The Republic of Macedonia, like other Francophone countries, celebrates La Francophonie and the French language not only on 20 March but throughout the whole year through songs, dances, debates, movies, gastronomy and other activities.

This year, the Republic of Macedonia celebrated its 10th anniversary as a full-fledged member state, although the country’s francophone determination and connection with this day dates back much further.

Francophones from five continents, numbering over 274 million, share the values of the Francophonie expressing their will for mutual co-habitation while simultaneously showing respect and solidarity for all differences. Their common trait is the French language.