North Macedonia in the World

On 7 April 2016 an exhibition of art works by the International Art Colony “Kumanovo” was opened at the Embassy of the Republic of Macedonia in Paris and was attended by the Director of the Kumanovo Museum, Anita Cvetanovska and a representative of the Ministry of Culture, Irina Krotkova.


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In his introductory address, Charge d’Affairs Gabriel Atanasov noted that it was the Embassy’s privilege and honour to exhibit these art works made by artists who have set high standards and the special selectiveness in the selection of quality groups of artists that have participated or will participate in the future in the Art Colony “Kumanovo”.

“This collection deserves to be showcased to a wider audience outside of Macedonia, because it represents a sublimate of significant art experiences and lessons from the year 1974 until today”, said Atanasov, adding that the affirmation of our culture and art is as necessary and as important as our diplomatic activity in Paris, because it constitutes an integral part of our comprehensive efforts.

This exhibition is a collection of the best artworks by this Art Colony, from the moment of its creation in 1974 until 2014 when the colony marked its important anniversary – 40 years of existence.

Eighteen works of art were exhibited from the total art fund, i.e., the collection of artworks by the colony owned by the National Museum in Kumanovo with over 800 paintings and sculptures.

The exhibited production included mostly paintings as the main form of artistic expression. It contains works by several renowned and affirmed artists, from Macedonia as well as from abroad.

Some of the world-renowned artists that stand out from among other members in the Art Colony include: Denis Boven from Great Britain and Paolo Ciampini from Italy; as well as affirmed artists from the Republic of Macedonia that have laid down the foundation of the Macedonian national art of painting and have paved the road for future generations of painters from the second half of the 20th century onward: Borko Lazeski, Ana Temkova, Vele Tashevski, Kiril Gegovski, Nove Frangovski, Dimitar Malidanov, Rubens Korubin, Zoran Jakimovski and many others.