North Macedonia in the World

The first resident Ambassador to Brazil and Latin America, Ivica Bocevki, presented his letters of credence to Michel Temer, acting President of FR Brazil.


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During the ceremony, President Temer underlined that Brazil especially values the fact that the first Embassy of Macedonia in Latin America is being opened in Brasilia, which raises the bilateral relations to the highest level in history. Ambassador Bocevski emphasised that Macedonia sees great potential in its cooperation with Brazil and underlined that the principal mission of the new Embassy would be to advance the economic cooperation. He noted that Brazilian investments are welcome in our country, and by entering Macedonia Brazilian companies will gain access not only to the common European market, but also to a wider regional market.

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The official ceremony was held at the seat of the Brazilian President’s cabinet, the Planalto Palace in Brasilia. Aside from President Michel Temer, the ceremony was attended by the Minister of Foreign Affairs José Serra, Secretary General of Itamaraty Marcos Galvão and Presidential Advisor on Foreign Policy Fred Arruda, as key actors in the Brazilian foreign.

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Following the reception at President Temer, Ambassador Bocevski was sent off with highest honours and accompanied by a ceremonial salute by the Brazilian President’s honour guard (Brazil’s Dragoon).

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