North Macedonia in the World

On 8 September 2016 the Embassy of the Republic of Macedonia in Berlin organized a reception on the occasion of the state holiday – 8 September – at the Kempinski hotel.The official reception was attended by over 200 guests, members of the German Bundestag, representatives of the German President and Chancellor’s cabinets, Ambassadors and colleagues from the diplomatic corps, businessmen, and representatives of the Macedonian community, the Macedonian Orthodox and Islamic community.

berlin 8 mi septemvri

Ambassador Sasho Markovski addressed the event, as well as Helge Tolksdorf, Head of the Section for EU Enlargement at the Ministry of Economy and Energy. Ambassador Markovski began by referring to the developmental stages of the Republic of Macedonia, integration processes and implemented reforms.

„Macedonia has a large number of genuine friends and supporters. The economic parameters prove that Germany is always among the top five trading partners for the economic and trade cooperation with Macedonia. Friendship is earned by honesty, dedication and confidence in a shared future. We will continue to foster and expand the Macedonian-German friendship in the future”, said Ambassador Markovski.

Tolksdorf in his address before those in attendance said that countries of the region hold the key to development and stability and that they should consistently work on approaching the EU and in this line they can always count on Germany’s support. “Germany has always helped Macedonia in the past in all areas of social life, as well as economy and policy. We have continually deepened the cooperation between German and Macedonian companies, and as a result of the successful and long-term cooperation between the two countries, in October this year we will open a regional representative office of German economy with the German-Macedonian Chamber of Commerce in Skopje. Skopje will serve an economic centre and deliver services to German companies in Tirana and Pristina, for easier market entry”, Tolksdorf said.