North Macedonia in the World

On 12 September 2016 the Embassy of the Republic of Macedonia in Stockholm organised a reception to mark the occasion of 25 years of independence of the Republic of Macedonia, at which the Ambassador of the Republic of Macedonia to Sweden, Aleksandra Nakjeva-Ruzin gave an address.


In her address, Ambassador Nakjeva-Ruzin spoke about the historic circumstances that led to the referendum on 8 September 1991 and the formation of an independent Macedonian country, emphasising that this was the achievement of an ideal of previous generations of Macedonians for the formation of an independent country. During the exposition she underlined the challenges which the country faced on the road to establishing itself as an independent country and in fulfilling the aspirations of becoming a full member of the EU and NATO, as well as the successes and the achievements of the Republic of Macedonia in the past 25 years.


With respect to the cooperation between the Republic of Macedonia and the Kingdom of Sweden, Ambassador Nakjeva-Ruzhin highlighted that the two countries share the same values and ideals and that in these 25 years the bilateral relations have been characterised with close cooperation and friendship, and expressed the belief that this trend of expanding cooperation between the two countries will continue in the future.

The reception was attended by a large number of high representatives of the diplomatic corps in Stockholm, as well as representatives of Swedish public and local institutions, academic institutions, international organizations, Swedish civil society and Macedonian diaspora in Sweden.