Issuing a burial-transit permit

The burial-transit permit for a Macedonian citizen who has died abroad is issued by the diplomatic-consular missions of the Republic of Macedonia, whose jurisdiction covers the area which the deceased is being transferred from.

Documents needed for obtaining a burial-transit permit:

  • Request for obtaining a burial-transfer permit;
  • Proof of citizenship of the Republic of Macedonia (travel document or ID card);
  • Death certificate issued by the country where death occurred;
  • Medical report on the causes of death (the cause of death must not be a contagious disease);
  • Approval (confirmation) of the transfer of the deceased from the country where death occurred;
  • Information on the means of transportation of the deceased (if the transportation is carried out by land, a burial-transit permit is needed for all the countries the body will transit through);
  • Name and surname of the individual accompanying the deceased;
  • If the deceased is not a Macedonian citizen, the burial-transit permit is issued upon receiving the approval of the Ministry of Interior of the Republic of Macedonia.