North Macedonia in the World

At the invitation of the University of Silesia in Sosnowiec (Katowice), the second oldest Macedonian language lectorate in Poland, and as a result of the cooperation with the Macedonian Embassy in Warsaw, a day dedicated to Macedonian culture was organized by Macedonian lectorate and lector Elena Micevka and held on 20 March 2017. As part of the event, the charge d’affaires Gorica Atanasova-Gjorevska delivered a lecture before students of Macedonian and Slavic languages on Macedonian-Polish political and economic relations where she also tackled cultural and educational cooperation as well as activities implemented by the Embassy in support thereof.


Meetings were held during the visit with the dean of the Faculty of Philology, Professor Krzysztof Jarosz, the director of the Institute of Slavonic Philology Szymczak-Rozlach and professors of Macedonian studies Miodinski and Blasak where possibilities for further cooperation were discussed as well as the Embassy’s support in promoting Macedonian language studies in order to entice greater interest for enrolment. The Embassy offered internship opportunities for students of Macedonian language at the Embassy of the Republic of Macedonia in Warsaw.


The visit was also used to enrich the literature fund of the Institute of Slavonic Philology with Macedonian editions procured by the Embassy through the support of the Institute for Macedonian language “Krste Misirkov”, Skopje and the Institute for Macedonian literature under the mediation of the Ministry of Education and Science.

As part of the event, Macedonia was promoted as a tourist destination and internship opportunities were offered for students by representatives of the Polish tour-operator Rego-Bis which is introducing its first charter flights from Katowice to Ohrid. In addition Stale Popov’s documentary “Australia, Australia” was shown at the event.