Types of entry visas for North Macedonia

1. Short-Stay Visa for the Republic of North Macedonia

Document needed for short-stay visa, up to 90 days (type C), i.e. transit visa (type B):

  • acknowledged travel document that is valid for at least 3 months beyond the intended stay of the foreigner in the Republic of North Macedonia
  • documents for (individual or collective) travel insurance (policy issued by a legal insurance entity at the country of residence)
  • notarized warranty letter i.e., invitation by a Macedonian physical/legal person
  • proof of possession of sufficient resources for the duration of the stay in RM (credit card/ bank statement)
  • photography (sized 3,5 x 4,5 cm) in colour on a white background where the face of the applicant is clearly visible
  • proof of paid fees for processing the visa application
  • neatly and legibly filled out visa application

For additional information see DOCUMENTS NEEDED FOR A, B, C Visa

2. Long - Stay Visa for the Republic of North Macedonia

In order to receive a long-stay visa the applicant should submit the documents corresponding to the visa type which are stipulated in the document DOCUMENTS NEEDED FOR LONG-STAY VISA.

(Documents module needed: documents needed for ABC visa; the procedure for obtaining a working permit and the documents need for working permit to be combined as a single document, and the documents needed for permanent or temporary residence permit to be combined as another document.)