North Macedonia in the World

The Republic of Macedonia was successfully presented at the 20th jubilee Mostar Fair as part of which the Fair of Wine and Agricultural Products of countries 16+1 was organized. Macedonian quality bottled wine, lamb, traditional sheep cheese, domestic ajvar, lutenica, malidzano were part of the Macedonian products tasted at the national promotional stand in Mostar, the Republic of Bosnia and Herzegovina within the Mostar Fair held from 4 to 8 April, 2017.


The Macedonian products, whose taste is traditionally renowned in this region, enticed great interest before the numerous foreign and domestic visitors, while the opportunity to participate in the fair was used by 30 countries and around 800 exhibitors.

The Macedonian promotional stand was designed to depict Macedonia as a country recognized by its delicious food, natural beauties, its rich tradition and as a good destination for starting and developing businesses.


A two-day conference of the 16+1 Initiative between SEE countries and the People’s Republic of China was held as part of the fair.


The national promotion was organized by the Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry and Water Economy, representatives of Macedonian manufacturers and the Embassy of the Republic of Macedonia in Sarajevo.