North Macedonia in the World

On 11th of May, the Macedonian Embassy in Paris held Macedonian evening organized by the National Institute of Oriental Languages and Civilizations INALCO in Paris.

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During the event which was coordinated by the Macedonian language lector at INALCO, Borche Arsov, students in Macedonian language in Paris presented their knowledge by reading poetry and prose by our authors in Macedonian language and with musical performance of Macedonian folk songs.

In the organization and preparation of the program, apart from lector Arsov, students of Macedonian language took part, as well as Frosa Pejoska-Bouchereau - head of the department of Macedonian language , Aleksandra Nikolovska-Sondermeier - lecturer at the Institute and Gabriel Atanasov - Head of Mission at the Embassy of the Republic of Macedonia in Paris.


The event was attended by guests from the Macedonian diaspora, many French friends and admirers of the Macedonian language. Apart from enjoying the performance of the students, attendees had the pleasant opportunity to taste part of the Macedonian traditional dishes at a cocktail organized by the Embassy.