Bilateral Relations

The Directorate for Bilateral Relations with South Eastern European Countries and Regional Initiatives (DBRSEERI) monitors, studies and processes, from a political aspect, the events and relations of the Republic of North Macedonia with the countries of the immediate surrounding: Republic of Albania, Republic of Bulgaria, Greece, Republic of Kosovo and Republic of Serbia, as well as with the countries from the wider surrounding: Bosnia and Herzegovina, Republic of Moldavia, Romania, Republic of Slovenia, Republic of Turkey, Republic of Croatia, and Montenegro. This is done in line with building good and constructive bilateral relations and cooperation with the South Eastern European countries and their continuous development, improvement and reinforcement on both bilateral and regional level.

The Directorate includes two departments:

  • Immediate Neighbourhood Department and
  • Wider Neighbourhood Department and Regional Initiatives.

These departments have several units.

The Directorate cooperates with diplomatic and consular missions and offices of the Republic of North Macedonia to the South Eastern European Countries, as well as with diplomatic consular missions and offices of the respective countries to the Republic of North Macedonia. This is done through appropriate communication and requests for data and information for the countries regarding issues in the sphere of action. These issues are subject to analysis and processing in the course of preparation of analytic materials, information, reminders and other documents. Furthermore, it coordinates the activities of the competent state bodies and institutions and stimulates their concrete and direct cooperation with respective bodies and institutions in the SEE countries.

Having in mind that the improvement of the good neighbourly relations is one of the priorities of the foreign policy of the Republic of Macedonia, DBRSEERI continues the pro-active approach. When the Directorate plans and realizes its activities, it initiates and presents ideas and proposals for new forms of cooperation. This is done in order to achieve better understanding, to establish relations between peoples and to enhance the overall bilateral and regional cooperation.

Using the Unit for Regional Initiatives within the frames of the Wider Neighbourhood Department, the Directorate takes care for the monitoring and analysis of the policies within the member states of the Regional Initiatives in order to further enhance and develop the influence and the benefits of the creation of regional capacities. The Directorate monitors and coordinates the activities in this area aiming at creation of proactive partner relations and cooperation with all member states. All these activities are undertaken in line of finding solutions for the bilateral and regional issues and in order to improve the security, stability and progress in the region.