Press Releases

The Republic of Macedonia and the United Kingdom share a common vision of a more secure, stable and prosperous Europe.

Our two countries are committed to working bilaterally and multilaterally to realise this vision and to tackling the challenges we jointly face, including terrorism and organised crime.

Both our countries are committed to internationally acclaimed values and norms, in full respect of the United Nations’ Purposes and Principles.  Both our countries are committed to the European principles of democracy, the full observance of human rights, the rule of law and the free market economy.

As part of achieving this common vision of greater security, stability and prosperity, the Republic of Macedonia reaffirms its determination to achieve its strategic goals of EU and NATO membership.  To that end, the United Kingdom will support the Republic of Macedonia in implementing the necessary comprehensive reform.  Both countries look forward to the Republic of Macedonia achieving these strategic goals.

The Republic of Macedonia acknowledges the strong support the United Kingdom has provided since independence.  The United Kingdom is committed to continuing and building on this support through both political engagement and programme assistance.  Together we will work to achieve positive change in the following areas:

  • Providing support for Macedonia’s reform agenda, in particular to build a positive and robust separation of powers between Parliament, Government and the Judiciary;
  • Strengthening and embedding democratic norms in order to bring both short and long-term benefits to all the citizens of Macedonia;
  • Working together to enhance the rule of law in Macedonia and in doing so bring prosperity to both our countries;
  • Tackling the organised crime networks and extremism which threatens both our countries and the people within them.


Signed in London, on the 12 September 2017


 Minister of Foreign Affairs of                                              Minister of Foreign Affairs of

 the Republic of Macedonia                                                   the United Kingdom