United Nations

Republic of Macedonia became a member of the United Nations on 8th April 1993 (Resolution A/RES/47/225 adopted by the General Assembly). The membership, based on the fundamental principles and postulates of UN Charter, is continuously creating the aspects of the multilateral dimension of the foreign policy of Republic of Macedonia. Since 1991, the process within the framework, initiated for establishment and positioning of Republic of Macedonia on the international stage has transformed into distinguished the country into principled and responsible member of the international community.

The diplomatic communication and cooperation are continuously reinforced with active engagement and contribution to all specialized agencies, programs and funds within the UN system. Republic of Macedonia remains devoted to its pledges for respect of the human rights, disarmament, non-proliferation of weapon, fight against terrorism, climate changes, sustainable economic growth, implementation of the Millennium Development Goals, reforms in the UN system in order to effectively tackle and solve the current global challenged and threats for the international peace and security. The efforts of Republic of Macedonia to improve its profile as an active and responsible international factor are reflected in the country’s participation in the UN led peace-keeping mission in Lebanon – UNIFIL, as well as in the increased activities which Republic of Macedonia had upon its election in the UN Human Rights Council for the period 2014-2016.

In 2007 Srdjan Kerim, PhD, was elected President of the 62nd Session of the UN General Assembly. This was the biggest confirmation for Macedonia’s contribution to the promotion of fundamental values of peace, democracy, human rights and development. His presidency with the GA (completed on 15th September 2008) contributed to the set in motion a string of key topics within UN. Special emphasis was placed on climate changes and eco-management, reforms of the Organization’s management, implementation of the Millennium Development Goals, strategy for fight against terrorism, revitalization of the General Assembly. Also, a decision was adopted for commencement of inter-governmental negotiations to overcome the differences regarding the reforms of the Security Council. As a result of the special emphasis placed on the climate change, upon the completion of 62nd GA, the UN Secretary General appointed Srdjan Kerim, PhD, for Special Representative for climate change. Thus, Mr. Kerim became the first Macedonian special representative of the UN Secretary General.

Republic of Macedonia has continuous and active relations with UN. Also, within its possibilities, it participates in the work of the organization, as well as the Plenum, all committees, commissions, formal and informal groups. Republic of Macedonia regularly takes part in the general debate of UN General Assembly on highest level, as well as in the work of the regular sessions of GA. There, the country represents its own interests for all issues on the agenda, especially the ones of special interest for the Republic of Macedonia. Our country always strives to accomplish appropriate profile of reinforced participation in UN’s activities. Republic of Macedonia has special activity regarding the affirmation of our standpoints referring to the regional situation and its stabilization. It works on undertaking regional measures for fight against terrorism, illegal trade with small weapons, economic reconstruction of the region, the role and cooperation with UN, EU, NATO and OSCE within the region, and implementation of the regional initiatives and the underlined role which Republic of Macedonia has.

In that line, the foundation of the activities of Republic of Macedonia, being a country strongly oriented towards Europe, reforms and strongly determined to protect the human rights, shall continue to reaffirm Republic of Macedonia as peaceful and actively engaged UN member – a country constantly prepared to contribute to the reinforcement of the peace and security, international cooperation in all areas, as well as UN.