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During the last day of his working visit to Paris, Minister of Foreign Affairs Nikola Dimitrov delivered an address at the Robert Schuman Foundation on "Macedonia's European Perspective after the Agreement with Greece", which was followed by a discussion with the invited guests, representatives of the Diplomatic corps, the political and media sphere in France.

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MFA Dimitrov talked about the energy invested in the past year and a half in the plan for resolving the open issue with Greece, the delicacy of the Process, as well as the optimism and faith that it will be completed successfully. In that context, the Minister said: "Despite numerous challenges and opposition, I am sure that in five years we will wonder why this wasn't done in the beginning of the '90. I am also convinced that this time the Balkans will show that miracles are possible". Regarding the enlargement process, MFA Dimitrov pointed out that assessing what is achieved on meritocratic principles is of particular importance  for Macedonia's path to accession to be finally opened next year, because, as he said: "It is high time for the region to start competing in the field of reforms, and not in the field of history. The Europeanisation of the Balkans is positive for the EU as well. What is needed is vision and courage to make big decisions with long-term benefits".

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At the National Assembly of the French Republic, Minister Nikola Dimitrov met with the Chair of the Foreign Affairs Committee, Marielle de Sarnez and MPs Bertrand Sorre, Liliane Tanguy, Frédéric Petit, Cédric Villani, and Jean-François Eliaou. Discussions at the meetings focused on the European perspective of the Republic of Macedonia and the implementation of the necessary reform priorities aimed at the start of accession negotiations with the European Union, as well as on the importance of France's support in that regard. It was concluded that the Europeanisation of the Balkans and the consolidation of the EU are complementary processes.

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