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The Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs of the Republic of Macedonia, Andrej Zernovski, met with the Secretary General of the Central European Initiative, Senator Roberto Antonine along with his associates from the CEI Secretariat in Trieste. At the meeting, Deputy MFA Zernovski extended his congratulations and wishes for success at his new position as the CEI Secretary General. Deputy MFA Zernovski emphasised that this year marks the 30th anniversary of the Central European Initiative (CEI) as the first and oldest regional forum. Since its inception, CEI has been advocating and promoting European integration and contributing to the overall progress of its members.

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Zernovski informed that the Republic of Macedonia dedicates special attention to regional cooperation. It was emphasised that the joint commitment will lead to specific results and will further deepen the regional cooperation, SEE’s economic integration as well as the commitment to the European values. Informing about the internal political situation in the country Deputy MFA Zernovski stressed, “The Prespa Agreement is an example of overcoming bilateral issues and disputes and contributes to regional cooperation and stability. This agreement eliminates out obstacles to Euro-Atlantic integrations and as of next week, our country will become part of the most powerful security structure, the NATO Alliance.

Interlocutors mutually agreed on the need to connect the region, integrate economies, connect peoples and share values as well as the need for investments in human resources and intellectual capital which is a common political, security and economic interest.