Press Releases

The fourth meeting of the Joint Inter-Disciplinary Committee of Experts on historic, archaeological and educational issues (JICE), established in accordance with Article 8, par. 5 of the Prespes Agreement was held in Ohrid on the 17th and 18th May 2019.


The Delegations of both parties, in a constructive and collegial atmosphere, carried out a detailed and comprehensive review of the History curricula, school textbooks and auxiliary teaching material that are currently in use in both countries. The aforementioned material should be immediately freed of any irredentist and revisionist references.

Based on the Prespes Agreement and in accordance with the aims and principles of the UNESCO and the Council of Europe a methodology, as described in the Agreed Minutes, has been adopted for the revision of the curricula and textbooks.

Both Delegations agreed to encourage the inclusion of more subjects of culture and arts in the education in order to build a positive image of the Other.

Consent has been reached on a time framework for the implementation of the findings of the JICE and the submission of the relevant recommendations to the High Cooperation Council.


Ohrid, North Macedonia, May 18th 2019