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At the invitation of the British scientific academy “Royal Society” of London and the German National Academy of Sciences – Leopoldina, the Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs, Andrej Zernovski, was the key note speaker at the “5th Joint Science Conference – Western Balkan Process” held today and tomorrow in London.


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The academic community of EU member states participating in the Berlin Process singled out the Republic of North Macedonia as a positive example in the region, and consequently gave the country a special role in the conference.

On the publishing day of EC’s report on the progress of the Republic of North Macedonia, Deputy FM Zernovski said at the conference: “We expect the best report so far. I await the good news from Brussels for my country here in London, with our friends and supporters, and I will convey them in Skopje as a message for a bright future for my fellow citizens. The Commission will reflect in its report the readiness of North Macedonia to start accession talks with the European Union, as a confirmation of the progress achieved.”

He voiced the expectation that the European Council will confirm last year’s decision to start accession talks between North Macedonia and the EU, which will offer a guarantee for stability and will keep the focus on the reform process.

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Having the honor to speak about the achievements of North Macedonia in front of such a respectable audience, Deputy Minister Zernovski highlighted that within a very short period of time we produced positive results in internal reforms, signed the NATO Accession Protocol and became a country that has transformed the resolution of historical conflicts into a sustainable community of friendship and trust.

In his address, he emphasized that the European integration of the Balkans is a geostrategic investment for a stable, strong and united Europe, based on common values and standards. In addition, he informed the attendees that for our country, Europe means so much more that the Union itself, or simply growth and economic security. “For us, Europe means a guarantee for our independence, freedom and democracy”, said Deputy FM Zernovski.

Speaking of the benefits of the Prespa Agreement, he noted that “we want to serve as an example and as in inspiration for solving all bilateral issues in the Western Balkans, but also to offer strong support in finding sustainable solutions, based on European values and international law that will permanently stabilize the region and will prepare it for EU integration. – Strong Europe is not possible without a successful Balkan, and a successful Balkan is one integrated into the EU”.

The Deputy Foreign Minister Zernovski will attend a working dinner in London with the Chairman of the Ohrid Group and former NATO Secretary-General, Lord George Robertson.