Press Releases

The MFA submitted complaints to the Council of Media Ethics on 8 May 2019 regarding a biased and fabricated text originally published on “” web portal. Texts with similar content were published on the portals: “Republika”, “Skopje24”, “Denesen vesnik”, “Lider”, “Makedonija Vesti” and “Markukule”.

Acting upon the complaints submitted to the Council of Media Ethics, a decision was reached on 29 May 2019 citing that the “” web portal has violated Articles 1 and 13 of the Code of Ethics of Journalist, while “Republika”, “Denesen vesnik”, “Lider”, “Makedonija Vesti” and “Markukule” have violated Article 1 of the Code. We welcome the fact that “Skopje24” has published a public apology prior to the Council’s decision, which we accept. Unfortunately, none of the other portals has done that. Any further apologies on the subject matter following the publication of the Council’s decision will not be accepted on our part.

The findings of the Council include, among other things, the following:


  • “Instead of facts and corroborated information, the text abounds with suspicious allegations, subjective opinions and biased attempts to politically discredit Minister Dimitrov.”
  • “The journalist has forsaken the fundamental journalism rule to gain an insight into the position of all parties involved.”
  • “The author frequently acts as a commentator in the text and essentially fails to distinguish fact from opinion.” 
  • “Journalists are entitled to their own opinions, positions and judgment but must not disguise their personal opinions as facts. Facts and information should be clearly delineated from comments, assumptions or the author’s positions so as to avoid disinformation and manipulating the public.”

The foremost commitment of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs was and will be the improvement of conditions regarding media freedom, tackling the ‘fake news’ phenomenon and hate speech. In addition, the media have an obligation to the public for fair and objective reporting which in turn will directly affect the building of a well-informed and accurately informed society.

The conclusions of the Council of Media Ethics are available at the following link: