Press Releases

Regarding the implementation of the first phase of the procedure following the employment ad of 29.12.2018 posted for a job opening at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, we would like to note that the procedure in question is being conducted pursuant to the Law on Civil Servants by the Civil Servants Agency. Although the MFA participates in all stages throughout the procedure the final decision lies with the Agency itself. The MFA is obligated to follow the Law on Civil Servants.

The Ministry is aware that the established legal framework regarding employment at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs through the Civil Servants Agency is complex and inadequate when it comes to selecting the most qualified candidates for the specific needs of the diplomatic service. The MFA is currently preparing a new Law on Foreign Affairs under the lex specialis doctrine which is expected to overcome, inter alia, the problems arising from the application of the Law on Civil Servants in regulating the employment procedure at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and is supposed to enable the Ministry to create its employment policy and procedure independently.

In addition, the Ministry would like to stress that not a single diplomat has been employed in the MFA since June 2017. Acting upon the needs of the MFA for continuous renewal of its human resources with young, highly and adequately educated persons, the Ministry has posted this job opening for this purpose alone – to select the best out of all the applicants in the most transparent manner possible but also by following the existing legal procedures.

The Ministry would like to remind that the documents required, such as the certificate of conformity with the general and specific requirements, in accordance with the Law on Civil Servants, are far from unusual as the same documents are requested for the employment procedures of any other state body. Unfortunately, in the administrative selection phase we established that many excellent candidates have submitted incomplete or flawed documentation, although the guidelines regarding the necessary documents and the manner of their preparation are available at the website of the Civil Servants Agency.  

The Ministry remains committed to the principles of a transparent process to select the best candidates and will continue to advocate for the advancement of the legal framework governing the diplomatic service.