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Today in Skopje the Deputy Foreign Miniser Andrej Zernovski took part as a speaker in the public discussion “#MKDiplomacy: Towards a Professional Diplomatic Network” at the invitation of Article 1 – Institute for Global Politics and Law.


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In his speech, he stressed that for the last 2 years, the main commitment of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the Government of the Republic of North Macedonia was to act proactively and constructively in international relations, to solve problems and issues we face, starting with the most difficult open issues with neighbors. The goal of this Ministry is to promote the country as a credible and relevant contributor to all international organizations.

Speaking on the topic, he pointed out that the commitment of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs is to professionalize the diplomatic service, create a merit-based system and provide continuous education and experience.

"Diplomats are built, and the foundations are found in the House itself - the Ministry of Foreign Affairs," Deputy FM Zernovski said.

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Furthermore, he informed that in the period from mid-2017-2019, 19 ambassadors, all career diplomats were appointed without any exceptions. In that context, it was said that the MFA is becoming a gender sensitive institution, best seen in the recent appointments of female ambassadors and Charge d’affairs to several important European centers, including the European Union, the United Kingdom, France, Sweden, the Netherlands, Greece and Slovenia. The fact that attention is paid to adequate ethic group representation must also be emphasized, as 7 of the 19 appointed ambassadors are members of ethnic communities other than Macedonian, Zernovski said.

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This Public Discussion is part of the activities of the project "#MKDiplomacy – Towards a Professional Diplomatic Network", implemented by Article 1 - Institute for Global Politics and Law. The project is financially supported by the program "Legal assistance and support for strengthening the capacities for representation and sustainability of civil society organizations", provided by the Macedonian Young Lawyers Association, the Danish Refugee Council, the Local Community Development Foundation - Stip and the ‘All for Fair Trials’ Coalition, funded by the European Union.