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A plenary session of the Human Rights Council was held on 4 July 2019 at the United Nations Office in Geneva where a decision was adopted on the outcome of the third Universal Periodic Review on human rights in the Republic of North Macedonia.


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The delegation of North Macedonia was led by Mrs. Svetlana Geleva, director of Multilateral relations and security cooperations at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

Geleva, in her address to the Human Rights Council, presented North Macedonia’s views on the recommendations received during the interactive dialogue following the presentation of the National Report within the third  cycle of the Universal Periodic Review, at the 32nd session of the working group, in January 2019. 169 recommendations were given during the session, 167 out of which were accepted by North Macedonia’s government. A large portion of the recommendations received are in line with the priority action areas of the Government, concerning the following areas: non-discrimination and gender equality, eliminating violence against women, judiciary reform, fight against corruption, freedom of expression and the media, promoting the condition of minorities with a special focus on the Roma, the rights of persons with disabilities, health care reforms etc.

“North Macedonia’s human rights policy is based on intertwined processes of identification and realization of national priorities, as well as the implementation of out international obligations, including the UPR and UN contractual bodies, as well as the obligations related to EU integration”, Geleva said.

Multiple states contributed to the discussion with their comments which consisted mainly of positive evaluations of RNM’s activities aimed towards improving the condition of human rights in the country and gratitude for accepting their recommendations.