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The Minister of Foreign Affairs Nikola Dimitrov gave introductory remarks today at the opening of Balkan Donors Forum organized by the Foundation Open Society and their representative office in the Republic of North Macedonia, in cooperation with several important donors from the Balkans.


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FM Dimitrov outlined what has been achieved thus far, highlighting the evident shift in the cooperation between the non-governmental sector and the Government over the past two years. The recognition of the significant role of the NGO sector is being effectuated with the direct and important participation thereof in the reform process.

“Progress is made only when mistakes are found and are then corrected. We have created a favorable environment where the media are more free and more cautious, the people are louder, while the civil sector is  a partner in achieving our European goals and the European change at home” - FM Dimitrov said.

This year’s Forum topics included the importance of the role and the activities of donors and local philanthropists as well as the importance of EU funds and government and private funding.