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Minister of Foreign Affairs Nikola Dimitrov gave introductory remarks before the representatives of youth organizations participating in the public debate under the working title “Regional Cooperation in the Western Balkans: A new challenge or a new opportunity!” held today in Skopje.


180919OA MNR Dimitrov Ucestvo na javna debata RYCO 0300

In his remarks, Minister Dimitrov stressed: “Our most important mission is to keep the young talent, the upcoming generation, at home. Building walls won’t help. We need to create conditions for young people to find good jobs based on their ability, through fair competition of equal opportunities. To create conditions so that they won’t seek the European way abroad, but will find the European way of life at home. We want to export goods and services instead of human potential. We have made an obvious progress; our society today is very different from what it was few years ago. We are not ready for membership but we are ready to take the step on that path. Now we need confirmation and encouragement from the EU. If we do this right it can be win-win for all involved”.

180919OA MNR Dimitrov Ucestvo na javna debata RYCO 0292

The event was organized by the Regional Youth Cooperation Office (RYCO) and the Agency of Youth and Sport was attended by representatives of countries participating in the RYCO cooperation process, representatives of the regional youth organizations as well as ambassadors and representatives of the diplomatic corps.

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