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The Minister of Foreign Affairs Nikola Dimitrov addressed today, at the MFA, the young diplomats from the countries of the region participating in the Regional School of Diplomacy. Speaking at the thematic panel: “The Diplomatic Experiences and Lessons Learned from the Prespa Agreement negotiations and International Perspectives”, Minister Dimitrov noted the challenges in the negotiation process and the benefits of the agreement reached with Greece. He pointed out that the final agreement was preceded by numerous challenges whose overcoming required patience, wisdom, courage and vision on both sides.

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Minister Dimitrov conveyed to the young diplomats that one of the main tasks of diplomacy is to bridge the differences between countries. Guided by such positive approach, with the Prespa Agreement, both sides have sent a positive message from the Balkans, a message of compromise, good-neighbourly cooperation and, in our case, a message of strong desire and commitment to the European integration processes.

Minister Dimitrov emphasised that by closing all open issues with its neighbours, North Macedonia has shown its maturity and credibility, delivered what was requested by the EU and therefore rightly expects the European Union to properly valorize those achievements and to adopt a positive decision next week to start accession talks. FM Dimitrov underlined: “We are racing against time. The longer we fail to provide a European way of life, the more our young talent and our future generation will leave in search of Europe beyond the borders of the region. If we don’t focus on building stronger institutions so there’s justice in our societies, if we don’t focus on investing in education, the region will lag behind the rest of Europe. To reduce the economic gap we must focus on the issues that matter and have a constructive Olympic-style competition of reforms in the region so as to make the leap we need.”

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The Regional School of Diplomacy is the first school of its kind to be held in Skopje from 6 to 9 October 2019, attended by 15 diplomats from the countries of the region (participants in the Berlin Process), and is co-organized by the MFA in cooperation with the Friedrich Ebert Foundation – Skopje with the support of the German Federal Foreign Office. It provides the opportunity to discuss issues relevant to regional cooperation, especially the youth component of that cooperation. Numerous European and national experts, as well as policy makers, researchers and NGO representatives will discuss issues at several thematic panel discussions.

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This panel discussion aside from FM Dimitrov was attended by the Ambassador of the EU Delegation to the country, Samuel Zbogar and Marilena Koppa, professor at the University of Athens.