Press Releases

North Macedonia welcomes the consistent support of the Republic of Bulgaria for the enlargement of the European Union with the Western Balkan countries. Furthermore, we believe that compliance with the Treaty of good-neighbourliness on both sides will be an important step in context of the accession negotiations with the EU.

In the spirit of European values we believe that both sides should refrain from imposing conditions that impede the advancement of good relations between the Macedonian and Bulgarian people.

With the Treaty of friendship and good-neighbourliness we have begun a very important historic process of friendship and rapprochement. If we want this process to succeed there must be an understanding of the other. The understanding of the common history must go hand in hand with the understanding of today and the future. For us, our Macedonian identity is essential - we are Macedonian people and we speak Macedonian.

The EU-integration path of our country represents mutual success which is another reason why it can serve as a bridge in creating an atmosphere of trust and cooperation as it was created with the signing of the Treaty of friendship and good-neighbourliness.

Good relations and EU membership imply mutual respect between the two peoples. We need joint efforts to work on solutions that will ensure respect and dignity for both sides, avoiding statements that may cause insult or distress to neighbours.

We believe that the European future of North Macedonia must not be jeopardized and the issues related to the identity of the Macedonian people cannot be used as a condition on our path to Europe especially not in 2019 and not in the European Union. We have the right to self-determination. Sofia’s vision will coincide with our vision, with a mutual understanding of the concerns of the other. History will remember us for the way we have treated the future.

MFA 4652