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The conference of the honorary consuls was opened with the introductory remarks by the Minister of Economy, Kreshnik Bekteshi and the Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs of the Republic of North Macedonia, Andrej Zernovski.


141019OA ZMNR Zhernovski Konferencija so pocesnite konzuli 4853

141019OA ZMNR Zhernovski Konferencija so pocesnite konzuli 4900

“The economic policy of North Macedonia is constantly focused on improving the business environment, supporting innovation and entrepreneurship and attracting foreign investors as the main promoters of economic growth. Last year we prepared the new Economic Growth Plan based on the Law on the Financial Support of Investments. The Economic Growth Plan contains measures for boosting investments and the competitiveness of North Macedonia's economy, divided into three pillars to enable the private sector to leverage government support. Furthermore, as a Government, we are strongly focused on implementing a series of economic reforms aimed at boosting the economy and improving the citizens' standard. The success of such efforts is further confirmed by the fact that the GDP in the first quarter has increased by 4.1% and 3.1% in the second quarter, while simultaneously unemployment has dropped to 17.4%.  This means that the economy is moving in the right direction”, said the Minister of Economy Kreshnik Bekteshi.

He briefed the honorary consults on the energy reforms that open the door to new major investments in the country’s energy sector. He called on the consuls to promote the opportunities offered by the country especially in terms of investments in renewable energy sources.

 “We, as the Ministry of Economy, have been working intensively on implementing energy reforms, whereby the new Energy Law in line with the requirements of the Third Energy Packet of the European Union was adopted last May. In order to fully complete the EU legislation on promoting biofuels and energy efficiency, last week we also adopted the Law on Energy Efficiency. In addition, to boost electricity production from renewable energy sources, the Government will subsidize 200 MW Photovoltaic Power Plants, with the first calls for the construction of Photovoltaic plants on state and private land have already been published", Minister Bekteshi informed.

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Minister Bekteshi called on the honorary consulates to become partners of the Government and to work together on improving the business climate which would translate into overall economic growth.

 “We highly appreciate your commitment to carrying out the responsible function of Honorary Consuls, as well as your significant contribution to the protection of the interests of the Republic of North Macedonia by providing assistance to its citizens", Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs, Zernovski said before the honorary consuls attending the conference.

 “Nowadays, the weight of a country in the global area is no longer measured by its geographical size but rather by its capacity and willingness to effectively contribute to the search for solutions to the growing number of challenges of transnational nature that pose a heavy burden on humanity today", he underlined. The economy is becoming the main driver of political influence so I see economic diplomacy as an approach to change the governance towards fostering closer relations with the private sector, the business community and various NGOs – both in our country as well as in our partner-countries", stressed the Deputy Minister. In this context, Zernovski noted that in achieving this goal, we need the opinions and teamwork of the honorary consuls which would mean employing the wider aspects of our diplomatic activity to promote trade, encourage economic growth, attract investments and support businesses.

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 “The Republic of North Macedonia is open for business”, Zernovski said, adding his expectation that the honorary consults will take diplomatic economy as their guiding principle of work and will promote our national reputation of export-oriented free market economy.

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