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Today, as part of the first day of his working visit to Brussels; the Minister of Foreign Affairs Nikola Dimitrov delivered his first address before the new composition of the European Parliament’s Committee on Foreign Affairs (AFET) following the European elections held in May 2019. FM Dimitrov thanked the Chairman of the Committee, David McAllister for the opportunity to address the heart of European democracy, as well as the other MEPs for their consistent and visible support for the European integration of North Macedonia.

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The Minister also gave a brief chronological overview of the European path of North Macedonia thus far, the democratic transformation and the maturation of the Macedonian society in the past few years, the challenges and the numerous measures, activities and results achieved in overcoming them, as well as the political capital and the energy invested in closing the remaining sensitive open issues with its neighbours, driven, above all, by the citizens’ desire to move closer to the European family and values.

Among other things Minister Dimitrov stressed:This week is definitely not just another Council of the EU for the Macedonian citizens. This is our rendezvous with history where we expect to receive the long-awaited and, as confirmed by many, the well-deserved historic decision to start accession talks with the EU. It is historic in that it represents the opening of the door to support the processes of irreversible and sustainable democratic transformation of the country. And it’s even more than that. Such a decision will be a real signal at the right time to the entire region of the Western Balkans and beyond, reaffirming the citizens’ belief in the European idea and the hope of the progressive forces in the credibility of the promise of a European perspective of the countries of the region, according to their individual merits and achievements. We deeply believe that in the upcoming days the European leaders will realize the importance of the moment and make the right and visionary decision.”

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At the very end of the discussion, MEP David McAllister, who moderated the session, underlined: …the start of negotiations is now well-deserved. I call on the responsibility of all member-states … that North Macedonia has done a good job.”

The Minister’s address was followed by an interactive exchange with the members of the Committee, where the main message delivered by the MEPs was that this moment is undoubtedly appropriate for a decision to start negotiations with the Republic of North Macedonia.

In addition to appearing before AFET, Minister Dimitrov also held separate meetings with MEP Natahalie Loiseau and the head of the Cabinet of the President of the European Council, Piotr Serafin. At the meetings, interlocutors exchanged views on the expectations and prospects for a decision to start negotiations ahead of EU’s General Affairs Council and the European Council this week.

Transcript of the exchange of views with Foreign Minister Nikola Dimitrov at the Committee on Foreign Affairs of the European Parliament (AFET)

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During tomorrow’s day, FM Dimitrov is scheduled to take part in the meeting in Luxembourg of ministers of EU member states belonging to the PES Group who will participate in the General Affairs Council.