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, the activities of the Minister of Foreign Affairs, Nikola Dimitrov continued in Luxembourg with his participation in the meeting of ministers of EU member states part of the PES Group (Party of European Socialists) held shortly before the start of the EU General Affairs Council chaired by the German Minister of State for Europe, Michael Roth.

MNR Dimitrov PES Luxemburg

On that occasion, Minister Dimitrov reiterated why North Macedonia deserves a decision to start negotiations with the EU, stressing the importance of the moment and the high stakes for the country, the region and the EU itself.

FM Dimitrov: “At the moment this is about a decision for North Macedonia, a country that has been waiting 14 years for the start of negotiations with the EU, resolving, along the way, the "impossible" externally, and achieving a complete democratic U-turn internally. But it is also about the EU enlargement policy and the European perspective of the Balkans itself. Essentially, it is about whether the EU will leave the lighthouse on".

The ministers who attended the meeting reiterated their support and voiced hope that a consensus on a positive decision would be reached. Nonetheless, the situation surrounding the decision of today's General Affairs Council remains uncertain as the decision may be left to the European Council of heads of state and government.