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The Minister of Foreign Affairs, Nikola Dimitrov held a working reception tonight for the US Ambassadors to the South East European region who, led by the Deputy Assistant Secretary of State and Special Representative for Western Balkans, Matthew Palmer, are holding consultations in Skopje.


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Addressing US Ambassadors to North Macedonia, Serbia, Kosovo, Montenegro, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Slovenia, Croatia, Bulgaria, Greece and Albania, senior officials of the State Department and representatives of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Minister Dimitrov voiced satisfaction with the election of our capital as a place to hold the regional consultations of US ambassadors.

MFA Dimitrov: “You came at an interesting time. We are grateful to share a common vision for the region. We’ve done a great job, we’ve done great things that are not often done in the region, and that is compromises. We are creating a future, for the good of our country, but also for the region."

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This is an additional confirmation of the solid and deep partnership between the Republic of North Macedonia and the United States of America, adding that the regional consultation of US ambassadors in Skopje is also an opportunity for deepened exchange of views with the host country on important issues of common interest.

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Minister Dimitrov also thanked for the recent ratification of the NATO accession protocol by the US Senate, and emphasised the importance of the State Department in profiling the US policy of deepened cooperation and strategic partnership with the Republic of North Macedonia.