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The Minister of Foreign Affairs Nikola Dimitrov met today with the Minister of Foreign Affairs of the Federal Republic of Germany Heiko Maas as part of his official visit to the Republic of North Macedonia.


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Talks focused on North Macedonia’s expectations and perspectives in the wake of this October’s Council of the EU, as well as on the possibilities for reaching a consensus on a decision to start accession talk in line with the previous Council conclusions. Minister Dimitrov also briefed on the progress of the latest internal political developments after 18 October, the early parliamentary elections in April 2020, including the developments in the context of good-neighbourly relations and regional dynamics, as well as on the future steps in terms of the EU reform agenda. He thanked Germany for its strong and continuous support over this past period.

FM Dimitrov“A few days after the 30th anniversary of the fall of the Berlin Wall, we can’t help but invoke the symbols of extending a helping hand, of breaking down barriers, both physical and imaginary, of uniting Europe on the basis of fundamental freedoms and democratic principles. Thirty years later, it is absolutely crucial and all-around beneficial, to invest the utmost joint efforts to deliver on the promise made to the Western Balkans concerning its irreversible democratic transformation and meritorious integration of all the countries within the EU family”.

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Minister Heiko Maas reaffirmed Germany’s strong support for the enlargement process and the European integration path of North Macedonia, as well as the country’s efforts to continue to push for a consensus on opening accession talks.

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Opinions were also exchanged on the current discussions within the EU related to the enlargement policy and the proposal for a new enlargement process methodology. Talks also tackled the key moments in the relations between the two friendly countries and the opportunities to deepen them further.

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