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Today in Berlin, the Minister of Foreign Affairs Nikola Dimitrov participated in the Balkan Dialogues Conference organised by the Munich Security Conference, the EastWest Institute and the Belgrade Fund for Political Excellence (BFPE).


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Addressing the plenary session titled “Reviving the European perspective of the Western Balkans”, Minister Dimitrov explained that North Macedonia is interested in the European Commission preparing and presenting its proposal for the improvement of the accession process to the member states as soon as possible. He noted that the country has shown a high level of maturity and wisdom and will continue its enhanced engagement in fulfilling the EU reforms. In the interim, the Minister said that all well-intentioned considerations that would contribute to an expedited start of accession talks between North Macedonia and the EU and would make the negotiations better structured, more efficient, fairer, more substantial and more credible are more than welcome. FM Dimitrov underlined that the economic integration into the EU cannot take place without the political aspect, nor can it be offered as a temporary replacement for full membership.

“North Macedonia, through the Stabilisation and Association process, has been preparing for membership for 15 years and has achieved a high level of alignment in many areas of the acquis. Given the historic and courageous steps forward in overcoming sensitive bilateral issues, the country has, beyond any doubt, deserved the start of negotiations”, FM Dimitrov said.

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The Minister stressed the importance and the need for the Council member states to reach a consensus on the start of negotiations with North Macedonia without delay. The clear European perspective and the ultimate goal of full membership should be unambiguously confirmed by tangible actions, since it is of common interest to the WB region and the EU. Without this clear perspective, the efforts to resolve the outstanding important bilateral disputes in the region will be in vain.


As part of the visit, FM Nikola Dimitrov met with Uwe Corsepius, Chancellor Merkel’s Europe Advisor, German Foreign Ministry officials, Thomas Ossowski, in charge of EU Policies and Sussane Schütz, in charge for Southeast Europe, as well as with Pierre Mirel, Honorary Director-General at the European Commission, who was one of the panellists at the conference.

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At the meetings, interlocutors, inter alia, exchanged views on the developments in the country and the region in the wake of the October European Summit, the French proposal for a new methodology, the next steps towards reaching a consensus on a decision to start the accession talks and the conference on the future of Europe. The participation of the Macedonian delegation at the Leaders’ Summit in London was welcomed and mutual satisfaction was voiced with the impending completion of the long-awaited process of Euro-Atlantic integration of North Macedonia, one of the two main strategic goals of the country, which is of significant interest for Europe’s stability and security.