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“50 Years of Macedonian Diplomacy” Conference was held and organized today by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Republic of North Macedonia and the Diplomatic Club - Skopje.


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The Minister of Foreign Affairs Nikola Dimitrov, the President of the Diplomatic Club, Ambassador Viktor Gaber and the Ambassador of the Republic of Slovenia to the Republic of North Macedonia, Milan Jazbec, delivered introductory remarks at the conference.

FM Nikola Dimitrov referred to the 50 years of growth and development of Macedonian diplomacy and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, as well as to the challenges facing the diplomatic service today, through the 5 "lessons of the past that can serve as a roadmap for the future and enable us to actively build a present, taught by history, where a bright, secure and prosperous European future for our country and for Macedonian citizens will be established.”

FM Dimitrov:The purpose of diplomacy is to build bridges, to make friendships and to open doors and perspectives. We need to provide visibility, recognition, and continue to make new friends and nurture old friendships. We can't wait for things to happen on their own. We must create opportunities for ourselves and open new horizons - with open arms, with self-respect, but also by being respectful of others, by reinforcing the old and establishing new partnerships and by having determination and responsibility in dealing with problems. Practicing open access policy aimed at resolving problems and open issues should remain at the heart of our diplomatic activities.

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Speaking about professional diplomacy as the foundation for the success of foreign policy, Minister Dimitrov stressed: "It is our duty to continuously strengthen and build upon the foundations on which our diplomacy will rest, oriented towards results in our foreign policy priorities and interests. That is why we are actively working towards building a professional, responsible and competent diplomatic service. This is the top state interest on which our long-term stability and prosperity depend, as well as the stability and prosperity of future generations.”

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The Minister also noted the strategic goals, as well as the vision of the country regarding regional and multilateral issues: “We are driven by the vision of cooperation, a peaceful and prosperous Balkan region, a region where we only have friends even when there are certain differences on certain issues, a region integrated in cooperation, a peaceful and prosperous Euro-Atlantic community. Guided by the fundamental European values ​​and their potential for qualitative transformation of member states, their stability, security and prosperity, EU membership is a top priority of our foreign policy. Our ultimate goal is, through the European accession process, to create the preconditions for a mature and responsible democratic society, based on the proven European democracies. I believe in our European ambitions and the need for a fast European breakthrough. We need to create a context from which we will all emerge as winners in the end, we as a country, the region and the European Union. I believe that based on our work at home and with European leadership we will soon achieve such a joint breakthrough. The fulfillment of    our strategic commitment in terms of NATO membership is our new reality. At the last summit in London, as an equal state, we sat for the first time side by side with our transatlantic allies. The ratification of the Accession Protocol by Spain will complete this decades-long aspiration.

Instead of a history of walls and fences built on misunderstandings and mistrust, let us continue to focus on the future built on the foundations of trust and cooperation, building bridges and open perspectives. The ability and wisdom of our homeland to successfully overcome challenges, to join in and be an active contributor to the processes in the multilateral world, as well as the capacity to create opportunities in synergy with national priorities, will be a key determinant of our position on the international scene. " FM Dimitrov emphasized.

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In the second part of the Conference, Deputy Foreign Minister Andrei Zernovski, State Secretary Zoran Popov, diplomats and ambassadors of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs delivered their remarks before the participants. The focus of their remarks was on the development of the diplomatic service since the establishment of the Bureau for Foreign Relations in 1969, a precursor to the modern Ministry of Foreign Affairs, which was established in 1991 on Independence Day.

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