Information for Persons Travelling to Countries that Require Preventative Health Protection

Check whether the country you want to travel to is present on one of the A or B lists below.

If the country you want to travel to is listed below, contact the nearest Public Health Care Centre and respect the recommendations provided by the health care workers in order to protect your own health and the health of your close ones.

A. List of countries that require preventative health protection in accordance with the WHO document "International Travel and Health", 2012

(tropical and infectious diseases)

Afghanistan Ethiopia Niger
Algeria Zambia Nigeria
Angola Cape Verde Pakistan
Arab Republic Zimbabwe Panama
Argentina India Papua New Guinea
Azerbaijan Indonesia Paraguay
Bangladesh Iran Peru
Belize Iraq Republic of Korea
Benin East Timor Rwanda
Bhutan Yemen Sao Tome and Principe
Bolivia South Africa Saudi Arabia
Botswana Cambodia Senegal
Brazil Cameroon Sierra Leone
Cote D'Ivoire Kenya Syria
Burkina Faso China Somalia
Burundi Kyrgyzstan Sudan
Vanuatu Columbia Suriname
Venezuela Comoros Islands Swaziland
Vietnam Congo Tajikistan
Gabon Costa Rica Tanzania, United Republic
Gambia Laos Thailand
Georgia Liberia Togo
Ghana Madagascar Turkey
Guatemala Malawi Turkmenistan
Guinea Malaysia Tuvalu
Guinea-Bissau Mali Uzbekistan
Guyana Mauritania Philippines
Democratic People's Republic of Korea Mayotte (French Territorial Collectivity) French Guyana
Democratic Republic of the Congo (Zaire) Mexico Haiti
Dominican Republic Morocco Honduras
Ecuador Mozambique Central African Republic
El Salvador Myanmar (former Burma) Chad
Equatorial Guinea Namibia Djibouti
Eritrea Nepal Sri Lanka
Armenia Nicaragua  

B. List of countries with endemic/epidemic form of poliomyelitis – infantile paralysis:

Afghanistan Kenya
Pakistan Cameroon
Nigeria Ethiopia
Somalia Syrian Arab Republic

All persons travelling to and from regions with poliomyelitis should be properly vaccinated.

  • Persons travelling to countries with polio, who have already received three or more doses of the oral polio vaccine (OPV) or the inactive polio vaccine (IPV) should also receive one dose of the vaccine prior to the commencement of their journey.
  • Persons travelling to countries with polio who have not been previously vaccinated, should be primo-vaccinated (receive the complete series of the primo-vaccination, which entails three doses of the polio-vaccine, administered every 4 weeks), prior to the commencement of their journey.

All travellers are advised:

to carry the vaccination chart with them, as well as the International Certificate of Vaccination and prophylaxis, IHR 2005, since they may need to provide it as proof of being vaccinated for polio when entering certain countries.