Diaspora Survey!

Dear citizens,

The purpose of this questionnaire is through your answers, related to your profession, to get appropriate input on how the attitude of the Republic of North Macedonia towards the diaspora can be improved and how the diaspora - and each of its members - can, through their specific knowledge and skills, give his or her own contribution towards greater inclusiveness of the diaspora in the creation of the internal policies of the country.

We are convinced that your specific comparative knowledge will be an invaluable input to that end.


According to the National Strategy for Cooperation with the Diaspora 2019-2023, the country's approach to cooperation with the diaspora is comprehensive, for which your esteemed opinion is welcome, while we consider your ideas and possible involvement through specific projects and engagement in the development of the country, especially important and welcome. 


Click the link for the survey!

Last updated: 21 April 2021