Minister of Foreign Affairs - Bujar Osmani

Minister of Foreign Affairs - Bujar Osmani

I strongly believe that our development and security are intrinsically conditioned by and feasible only if we persistently pursue our commitments to building a modern democratic society, as an integral part of the Euro-Atlantic family. A predictable future for all will be attainable by pursing a constructive and consistent foreign policy. This approach is indispensable in writing our contemporary European story, first and foremost as out debt to the generations to come.

Our strategic interests make the substantive core of our foreign policy: fully-fledged membership of the European Union, which on its part is a comprehensive contribution to the security, stability and prosperity of our entire Continent; deepening our strategic partnership with the USA and other NATO Allies; completing the regional integration process by fostering and advancing good-neighbourly relations, strengthening multilateralism and by supporting regional initiatives.



- 2020 - Minister of Foreign Affairs

- 2018-2020 – Head of the National Delegation and Chief Negotiator for accession talks with the European Union

- 2017-2020 - Deputy Prime Minister in charge of European Affairs

- 2017-2020 – National Coordinator for allocation of foreign assistance and IPA funds

- 2008-2011 – Minister of Health