United Nations

On 8 April 1993, then Republic of Macedonia was admitted to membership of the United Nations to be provisionally referred to as “the former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia” until the final settlement of the difference regarding the name, as set forth in United Nations Security Council Resolution 817 of 7 April 1993 (see Name Issue). Membership in the UN, based on the fundamental principles and postulates of the UN Charter, is continuously creating the aspects of the multilateral dimension of our foreign policy. In this context, the process of establishing and positioning the country on the international scene since 1991 has contributed to distinguishing the country as a principled and responsible member of the international community.

The established diplomatic communication and cooperation are being continuously strengthened through the active engagement and contribution to all specialised agencies, programmes and funds within the UN system. We remain steadfast in our commitment to respect human rights, disarmament and non-proliferation of weapons, fight against terrorism, climate change, sustainable economic growth, implementation of the Millennium Development Goals, reform in the UN system in order to effectively tackle and address current global challenges and threats to international peace and security. Our efforts to promote our profile as an active and responsible international factor are affirmed by our participation in the UN peacekeeping mission in Lebanon - UNIFIL, as well as the increased activities since our election to the UN Human Rights Council for the period 2014-2016.

So far, the greatest confirmation of our contribution to the strengthening of multilateralism, as a key instrument for promoting the fundamental values of peace, democracy, human rights and development, was the election of Dr. Srdjan Kerim as President of the 62nd UN General Assembly in 2007. His presidency of the General Assembly, which ended on September 15, 2008, has contributed to the progression of a number of key themes within the UN, with particular emphasis on climate change and environmental management, the reform of the Organisation's management, the implementation of the Millennium Development Goals, the counter-terrorism strategy, the revitalisation of the General Assembly and the decision to launch intergovernmental negotiations to overcome differences on the issue of Security Council reform.

The Republic of North Macedonia has consistently positive and active relations with the UN and we participate, within our capabilities, in the work of the Organisation, from the Plenary to all committees, commissions and formal and informal groups we are a member of. We regularly take part in the general debate of the UN General Assembly at the highest level, as well as in the work of the regular sessions of the General Assembly, where we represent the interests of the country on all issues on the agenda, especially those of our particular interest, and always strive to achieve a fitting profile of being a active participant in UN activities. We are particularly active in affirming our views on the developments in the region and its stabilisation, in undertaking regional measures in the fight against terrorism, illicit trade in small arms and light weapons, in the economic reconstruction of the region, in our role and cooperation with the UN, EU, NATO and OSCE in the region and the implementation of regional initiatives. Besides New York, we are actively involved in the other UN offices or its specialized agencies, especially in Geneva and Vienna.

In that line, the basis of the activities of North Macedonia as a country with a prominent pro-European orientation, as a EU candidate country and as a reform-oriented country that is firmly committed to the protection of human rights, continues to lie in our reaffirmation as a peaceful and active UN member in international relations – always ready to contribute to the strengthening of international peace and security, international cooperation in all areas, and to the strengthening of the UN.

Last updated: 23 November 2020