La Francophonie

On 28 September 2006, then The Republic of Macedonia became a full-fledged member of the International Organisation of Francophonie  during the Summit of the Francophonie held in Bucharest, Romania. Previously we had an observer status which was granted during the Summit in Hanoi, Vietnam in 1997 after which we were raised to the status of an associate member in Monkton, Canada in 1999. 

The membership in the Francophonie is based primarily on the acceptance of the fundamental principles and values of this Organisation that are in line with the European commitments: advocating for world peace, democracy, human rights, balanced and sustainable development, education, training, science and research, youth and sport, new information technologies, affirmation and protection of the cultural and linguistic diversity and solidarity. The Francophonie is also an international political institution and a place for political, cultural and economic dialogue between different countries who share the same vision of the world, especially concerning the challenges created by the Globalization.

In addition to encouraging the preservation of the historical tradition and the presence of the French language in our country, we see the membership in the Francophonie as an opportunity to reaffirm the Macedonian identity, language, history and rich cultural heritage, as well as all values of the contemporary Macedonian society – peace, democracy, tolerance and solidarity. These are the fundamental values of the Francophonie. In this regard, the Republic of North Macedonia will also intensify its activity in the forthcoming period. The French language is part of our history, but it is also an integral part of our European future.

Through the National Commission on Francophonie, the Republic of North Macedonia annually celebrates the Day of Francophonie, 20th March, with numerous activities and events.

With the Embassy of France in Skopje we have established a deep cooperation in this area through which many activities aimed at promoting the Francophonie are implemented as well as programs for teaching French language to the employees in the public administration.


Last updated: 23 November 2020