Visit the Republic of North Macedonia

North Macedonia is mostly mountainous, with breathtaking mountain rivers, waterfalls hidden deep in the forests, and clear and cold mountain lakes. Life, in all its forms, thrives in a place like this, from rare species to marvelous green landscapes. 

Ohrid is probably the right place to start your visit. No other place in the country can offer you so much and yet be so diverse. Ohrid Lake is one of the oldest lakes in Europe. It lies at an altitude of 693 meters, in a picturesque area of about 350 sq. km and is known for its crystal clear water, which is allows for visibility down to an astonishing 22 meters.

Ohrid Lake deserves the epithet “Macedonian Sweetwater Sea”, not only because of its pleasant blue colour, which is more intense than the blue of the sky, but also because of its surface area and because it attracts thousands of tourists each summer. Its singular natural conditions have made the survival of life forms from the Tertiary period possible, owing to which Ohrid Lake has often been called a museum of living fossils. In 1979 and 1980, the surrounding beauties and the town of Ohrid together with the lake were declared as a Cultural and Natural World Heritage Site by UNESCO, the only one in North Macedonia. It is one of the oldest and deepest lakes in Europe which kept an amazing variety of unique flora and fauna. It is an excellent tour location and it attracts thousands of tourists from all over the world. On its northern shore, the ancient city of Ohrid rises above the lake, located on a double hill with highest point at Samuel’s Fortress. The famous Ohrid pearls are made from the scales of the endemic Ohrid Lake Plasica fish which makes them unique. The Ohrid pearl is without a doubt the best souvenir from Ohrid.

You can continue your exploring tour by visiting Pelister Mountain which is characterized by lush, well-watered forests and unique geological formations. This is the oldest national park in North Macedonia. Baba Mountain overlooks the city of Bitola and it’s the third highest mountain in North Macedonia. It has more than 20 peaks over 2,000 meters above sea level separated by deep valleys and its highest peak is Pelister (2,601m). Pelister Mountain is best known for indigenous species of five-needle pine – Molika. The beauty of the landscape is enhanced by the diverse wildlife, the endemic Pelister trout and pelagonic stream trout which are two species that particularly strike out from the rest of the species. Baba Mountain is beautiful in every season, but usually the period from May to September is the best to enjoy climbing, hiking and mountain biking. At the top of the mountain lies our third masterpiece of nature, the two glacial lakes, Big and Small Lake also known as the eyes of Pelister. The Big Lake is at an altitude of 2,218 m. and the Small Lake altitude is 2,180 m.

Mavrovo is another great place to visit. The area has numerous rivers and springs with clear water Mavrovo National Park is the largest protected area in the country, and it has been since. There are 17 glacial lakes that complement the amazing scenery. The alpine climate is combined with green meadows, dense forests and rocky peaks. The melting snow creates the highest waterfall in North Macedonia with a total vertical drop of 136 meters. Spending the day walking, cycling or hiking in this area is a must for every thrill seeking visitor.

Kuklici is another great place to visit. This is a geological formation of rocks and stones located around 8km northwest from Kratovo. According to some they were formed 10 million years ago by the natural phenomena of erosive pillars, and due to the interesting appearance of these pillars that resembles of human figures - a rare occurrence and is a true masterpiece of nature worth seeing.

Promoting Tourism 

The goal of promoting the Republic of North Macedonia as an exceptional business and tourist destination is to draw more tourists from around the world to our country and to ensure the internationalization of the Macedonian brand. This necessitates the continuous promotion of the Republic of North Macedonia as a brand at a regional and global level. It is a prerequisite for the promotional activities for hunting investments and tourism to give the desired results.

Analyses from previous years show a 12% increase in foreign tourists and a 15% in the number of overnight stays compared to the previous two years. The surge in the number of tourists and overnight stays is also reflected in the increase of 16.7% in the inflow of foreign currency generated based on tourism for 2018. The figures depict the continuous fulfillment of the Government’s strategic goals and priorities aimed at putting the country on the pedestal of competitive global tourism market and placing the Republic of North Macedonia in the center of the tourist map. 

Last updated: 23 November 2020