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Our objective is to both promote and advance our interests at the international stage. The Euro-Atlantic and European integration is our key priority, while remaining committed to ensuring a secure, stable, and prosperous region, as well as to furthering the bilateral and multilateral cooperation with all our regional and international partners. We continue providing a variety of consular services for all our nationals abroad.

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Османи на Конференцијата за „Млади, миграција и демографскитe предизвици во земјите од Западниот Балкан“

Министерот за надворешни работи, Бујар Османи, имаше воведно обраќање на видео-конференцијата „Млади, миграција и демографските предизвици во земјите од Западниот Балкан“, на покана на Сојузниот министер за надворешни работи на Германија, Хајко Мас, која се оддржа во рамките на Програмата на германското претседателство со ЕУ. „Како одоговорни политичари од Регионот, треба да ги обезбедиме сите услови со цел младите да го прифатат и да го предводат бранот на промени во своите земји за да станеме конкурентен дел на Европа. Ние веруваме во европските вредности, а тоа значи да се верува во стабилност, безбедност, силни институции, кои ќе ги изградиме заедно со младите, што значи да се верува во иднината“, истакна Османи. „Регионот се менува и  тоа е незапирлив процес, а младите треба да се двигатели на тие промени. Нема поубава порака за нашата иднина, кога би можел да ги слушнам младите дека се охрабрени и мотивирани и дека сакаат активно да учествуваат во креирањето на сопствената иднина во Регионот и во Европа“, потенцираше Османи во своето обраќање. Стабилноста и развојот на Западниот Балкан е високо на Агендата на Германското претседателство со ЕУ, а целта е постигнување на брз и видлив напредок на луѓето во регионот. Конференција претставува платформа за дискусија и изнаоѓање на решенија за ублажување на процесот на одлив на мозоци  од земјите на Западен Балкан. да се анализираат причините, но и да се даде силен политички фокус на ова важно прашање. Покрај сојузните германски министри, Мас и Рот, кои беа во улога на домаќини на Конференцијата, говорници беа и Еврокомесарот Вархеји како и шесте министри за надворешни работи од Западен Балкан, а учествуваа и високи претставници на Регионалниот совет за соработка и Регионалната канцеларија за младинска соработка-РИКО.

Video meeting Osmani – Ann Linde

The Foreign Minister of the Republic of North Macedonia, Bujar Osmani, today had a video meeting with the Minister of Foreign Affairs of the Kingdom of Sweden, Ann Linde.   The main focus was placed on the need for a clear and unambiguous response to the European aspirations and perspectives of the Republic of North Macedonia, particularly following the decision for the start of negotiations of the European Council in March. “We continue to work actively on the European agenda, on fostering good-neighbourly relations, on the economic development of the country – we are committed to the ultimate goal: full-fledged EU membership”, emphasized Osmani, briefing the Minister about the achievements and results in the key reform areas, the good-neighbourly relations and the situation in the region. Osmani expressed gratitude to Sweden, which with its continued support confirms that it consistently promotes the processes of substantial democratization in our country and the region as a whole. “We are especially grateful for the intensive cooperation with the Swedish International Development Cooperation Agency (SIDA), through the numerous implemented and planned projects that contribute to the acceptance of the common European values for democratic stability, the rule of law, and economic prosperity in the country”, underlined Osmani. Minister Linde welcomed the strong and decisive commitment of the Government of North Macedonia for implementation of the reform agenda, necessary for accelerating the European integration of the country. The health crisis situation and the socio-economic consequences of the pandemic were also discussed. Sweden is open for support in the fight against the coronavirus. The Ministers agreed that North Macedonia and Sweden have close and open bilateral relations with an excellent dynamic of political dialogue, and they also exchanged opinions about the economic relations and cooperation multilaterally.

FM Osmani has working breakfast with WB6 Ambassadors

The Foreign Minister of the Republic of North Macedonia Bujar Osmani had a working breakfast with the Ambassadors of Western Balkan countries at the premises of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. The breakfast was also attended by the Ambassador of the Republic of Bulgaria to the Republic of North Macedonia, Angel Angelov and the Ambassador of the Federal Republic of Germany, AnkeHolstein, who delivered opening addresses. This initiative of Osmani is part of the diplomatic activities of the Minister for regular coordination of the Western Balkan countries ahead of this year’s Sofia Summit of the Berlin Process, to make an overview of what has been achieved so far and to address our expectations from the process itself. “I would like to announce that last week, we, Western Balkan countries, with the assistance from our colleagues at the Regional Cooperation Council (RCC), finalized a very important document officially titled Multiannual Action Plan for a Common Regional Market. This is an important turning point for the Western Balkans with a vision to practically transform the region in a single market based on European Union rules and standards. We are moving towards increasing its attractiveness and competitiveness, at the same time reducing the distance to EU markets, which is our ultimate goal”, Osmani emphasized. The meeting also discussed other initiatives and expectations from the Joint Presidency of North Macedonia and Bulgaria of the Berlin Process. “We are working hard, together with our colleagues from Bulgaria, to have a really quality finalization of our Joint Presidency, through a successful two-day Summit in Sofia. In addition to the great importance of regional cooperation for European perspectives, it also means increased economic, cultural and social exchange, which, in itself, is an important benefit for the citizens of our countries" - Osmani stressed. He added that the overall success of this process is of mutual interest, and that it is animportant initiative for regional infrastructure and economic connection of the Western Balkan countries, as important milestones for the countries' European perspectives. Osmani's initiative was welcomed by all representatives, who voiced satisfaction and hope that it will grow into regular communication and coordination, in order to more successfully address the common interests of the countries towards accelerated European integration of the region.

Minister of foreign affairs of the Republic of North Macedonia:

Bujar Osmani

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